Let your pupils experience the fun (and great outdoor learning opportunities!) of mini-orienteering on your school field or playground for just £42.00 per hour

The use and interpretation of maps, which relates to so many curriculum topics, is a key life skill. Children love looking at maps – take the children and maps outdoors and the degree to which they engage with them increases even further.

You don’t need to go the expense or logistical trouble of arranging an off-site visit for your children to experience orienteering. I have been delivering outdoor activity sessions to East Anglia’s primary schools for five years. As an Outdoor Activities Instructor and Expedition Leader (with an Enhanced DBS check) I can offer a range of cost-effective on-site activity sessions to introduce your KS1 and KS2 pupils to maps, compasses and navigation culminating in a highly enjoyable mini-orienteering session on your field or playground.

A “Map Skills / Mini-Orienteering” session includes the following elements

Looking at Ordnance Survey maps to see what information we can find;

Constructing a huge map from climbing ropes on the playground to look at compass directions [KS1];

Getting out compasses, finding out how they work and how to set a simple bearing and how to find north without one[KS2]

Measuring distance by counting paces;

A mini-orienteering challenge – using a simple, purpose-drawn map of your school, children use their new skills to search for hidden flags;

Sessions can be for one or two hours duration with a maximum group size of thirty children.

All equipment is supplied and session content can be tailored to be age-appropriate for any year group.

N.B. Orienteering fulfils the KS2 National Curriculum requirement for an Outdoor Adventurous Activity – as well as being fantastic fun!