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“A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives”.

That’s the opening line of the National Curriculum for Geography and that’s exactly what Active Outdoor Discovery activity sessions and workshops do!

My name is Adrian Hall and I have been delivering primary school indoor workshops and outdoor activity sessions to KS1 and KS2 groups in primary schools nationwide since 2010.

Sessions support the 2014 National Curriculum. Content and focus can be tailored to be suitable for any year group and all equipment is supplied.


As an Outdoor Activities Instructor (with an enhanced DBS check and DBS Update Scheme membership) I can introduce your children to the use of maps, compasses and navigation in fun, engaging outdoor sessions.

You don’t need to go to the expense and logistical trouble of organizing an off-site visit for your children to experience orienteering, I can deliver fantastic “Map Skills” sessions loaded with activities to get your pupils interpreting maps and relating them to the world around them. Sessions culminate with a mini-orienteering challenge on your school site.

N.B. Orienteering fulfils the KS2 National Curriculum PE requirement for an outdoor and adventurous activity.


As an Expedition Leader, I can captivate your pupils with tales of travel from the parched Namib Desert to the frozen Arctic sea ice, from the steaming jungles of Borneo to lofty Andean peaks, from the endless African savannah to the amazing Galapagos Islands. I can bring these distant and remarkable places to life in a way that only someone who has experienced their wonders can. Your children will be full of questions, give them the opportunity to put them to someone who has been there.

Have a look at the clothes and equipment you would take with you, climb inside an emergency shelter and imagine a blizzard howling outside!

Workshops include:

AfricaArcticCanadaCoasts; DesertsEcuador and GalapagosIslandsMountainsRainforestRiversVolcanoes

Your session was great and we have referred back to it on may occasions in our teaching since. The children have also been spotting symbols on maps which is great for KS1. I will definitely recommend and use you again. [Kendall Primary School]
Kendall Primary School
Both staff and pupil feedback about the day was amongst the most positive I have ever heard. [Wyton Primary School]
Wyton Primary School
Thank you so much for a fantastic day! The children really enjoyed their experience and the teachers were really impressed. [Hobletts Infants School]
Hobletts Infants School
Thank you for a great session, the children had a great time and the adults felt it was very beneficial for their topic. The children were all clearly engaged as they asked great questions. [Lawford Primary School]
Lawford Primary School
I just wanted to say a big thank you for coming into West Earlham Junior School and spending the day with our Year 4s. [West Earlham Junior School]
West Earlham Junior School

The children loved the outdoor orienteering and I really liked how specific the map was and building observational skills using clues well. [Guilden Morden Primary School]

Guilden Morden Primary School, Your Content Goes Here
I wanted to say a huge thank you for all you did with the children when you came in to school. The feedback was really positive – all the children loved it and all the adults said how useful it was for their learning and how good you were with all the groups. Thank you so much for your time and hard work -it was very much appreciated! [Holy Trinity Primary School]
Holy Trinity Primary School
Thanks so much for a brilliant morning last week. The children loved it! [Pulham Primary School]
Pulham Primary School
Thank you for visiting our school to deliver a session on volcanoes. It was the perfect end to our topic! The children all really enjoyed it and were able to round up all of their knowledge of the topic, which we have been studying this half term. Your presentation was fantastic for the children to extend their knowledge of particular volcanoes even further. The children were all engaged and enthusiastic throughout! [Hopton Primary School]
Hopton Primary School

The children loved it, thank you so much! My children spoke all day about the things they had heard and I’ve had really positive feedback from the children and adults. The teachers spoke about how engaged the children were and how a lot of the classes asked to do more activities like it.
The Year 6 teacher has sent me quotes from the children:
“I love that we were able to complete fun activities and spend a whole day on geography.” – Izzy
“The man was amazing. It is really nice when we get people come in, he knew so much.” – Mylea
“I think the man ran the workshop really well. We learnt some new skills and then got to use a map.” – James
Thank you again for the day, it was fantastic! [Newborough Primary School]

Newborough Primary School, Your Content Goes Here
All of the children loved your visit yesterday and were thoroughly enthused and excited. We wrote about it in the afternoon and the children’s feedback was very positive. When asked for marks out of ten, one girl held up her feet as well as her hands! [Sprowston Junior School]
Sprowston Junior School
Thank you for doing the sessions – the children (and staff) really enjoyed them. [Sacred Heart Primary School]
Sacred Heart Primary School
The children had a wonderful learning experience which they thoroughly enjoyed, and all the staff commented on how good you were with them. You were able to take an aspect of the geography curriculum which can be both dry and difficult to teach effectively and give it a high learning content and make it lots of fun! The overall and overwhelming feeling was that the two days were a great success. [Kingsfleet Primary School]
Kingsfleet Primary School
I think such activities are awesome sort of enrichment for our students. The leader was approachable and knowledgeable. Ideally, a 2-3h slot would allow them to understand the concept in greater depth and really enjoy the day. [Tiverton primary School]
Tiverton Primary School
Thanks again for coming in – the kids loved it! I think that they especially enjoyed the orienteering activity. [Edward Worlledge Junior School]
Edward Worlledge Junior School
THANK YOU so much for yesterday. We ALL absolutely loved it! Such fun, very enlightening! We have sent your email around to all staff to recommend you in case it may tie in with their topics etc. We loved the practical aspect of the map skills-getting them to stand and represent certain towns etc. Your PP was pitched well and you kept a good pace. You have a lovely manner with the children. They were engaged for an hour-it can be difficult to get them still for 5 mins! We would be delighted to have you come back again and I will strongly advise the next year 1 teacher to book you. In fact, For maybe more workshops as I found what you did to be so useful. [Birkbeck Primary School]
Birkbeck Primary School
Thank you for today the children were all quite inspired and got lots out of it. You pitched it really well for the children and it was a really good starting point for them to do some more detailed independent study. [Mulbarton Primary School]
Mulbarton Primary School
Thank you for a great morning. It was absolutely spot on for the age range. You managed to cover a lot of ground in the two hours .. literally! I liked the work in the classroom which introduced the children to symbols. Also your equipment (large compass, rope, large maps) made it easy for the children to see and remain focused and learn with their own equipment. [Moreton Hall Preparatory School]
Moreton Hall Preparatory School
The adults and children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions today and I was about to email you to pass on our thanks. One of my children said it had been their favourite day at school. [St Cross Primary School]
St Cross Primary School
Thanks for the fabulous day you provided for us. The response from the staff and the children has been extremely positive. The children really enjoyed the activity and it was great to see students across the range of ages and abilities all enthusiastic and engaged. Staff have commented on how well planned the activities were. This activity was an ideal launch for our outdoor learning week and we continued to work on mapping skills within the classroom and school environment. [St John’s Primary School]
St John's Primary School
Many thanks for your visit this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and, as I said on the day, I was amazed, knowing some of the characters we have, that they sat so engrossed in the session. [Kings Ely]
Kings Ely
Many thanks for your support during science week. Your contribution helped make the week a very memorable and enjoyable experience for the children. I sincerely appreciate the time and preparation you gave to the school. I know the children were fascinated by your talk. [St Albans Catholic Primary School]
St Albans Catholic Primary School
Thanks so much for a fantastic day on Thursday, The children had a brilliant day and the adults really enjoyed it too! We had lots of parents at parents evening on Thursday saying that their children loved it and came home really enthusiastic about what they had learnt. [Pulham Primary School]
Pulham Primary School
I just want to thank you for the excellent presentation you delivered on Thursday. The children were absolutely fascinated by your tales (as was I). [Cringleford Primary School]
Cringleford Primary School
The children absolutely loved their experience today! They really enjoyed you bringing all of your equipment and loved seeing all of the animals on your photographs. They are now really excited to start writing their information text “How to be an explorer”. [St John’s Church School]
St John's Church School
The session last week was fascinating!!! The children loved it and are currently writing you some letters! You are a great story teller. The photos are fab and the pitch was perfect!! [Great Easton Primary School]
Great Easton Primary School
Today was great Adrian. I really liked the progression from looking at an actual map, to making one, to using one to find flags. It seemed to work well with all year groups and the feedback from children and staff has been very positive. [St. Michael’s Junior School]
St. Michael’s Junior School
Thank you for a wonderful set of workshops last week. Having talked to the other teachers it is clear that the children picked up new skills and enjoyed themselves. The general feedback was that the activities were pitched at the right level and the games/challenges were engaging and accessible for all. [Cockfield Primary School]
Cockfield Primary School
The children really enjoyed the sessions thank you… We will be booking you to do the same again next year! [Icknield Walk First School]
Icknield Walk First School
It was great. I would have liked it to be even longer! The children really enjoyed it. I reckon each class could do a two hour session! He was really nice and knowledgeable and explained things clearly for the children. Thanks for organising it! [Tiverton Primary School]
Tiverton Primary School
We had an absolutely amazing session and the children learned so much in such a short space of time. I specifically liked the way that the activities linked together and gave children the opportunities to gain the knowledge and concept of map reading and the way maps are designed and ‘work’ then apply their new skills in such an inspiring and meaningful way. I thought your introductory resources of the different types and formats of maps were very good and gave children the chance to see such a large range. The outdoor whole map work was really good and I thought that the transfer from the ‘paper’ onto the physical was great and gave a 3d element allowing the children to orientate themselves. The orienteering was just fabulous [Rackheath Primary School]
Rackheath Primary School
The feedback from the children and teachers was great. [St Michael’s Junior School]
St Michael's Junior School
Thanks so much for coming into Maple Class at Cheveley just before half-term to share your Arctic adventures with Maple Class. The children were very interested in everything you told them and seeing the wonderful pictures really brought it alive for them and made it into a “real” place. They particularly enjoyed trying the huge back pack on and hearing about polar bears! [Cheveley Primary School]
Cheveley Primary School
Thank you so much for today, I had glowing reports from every class with many saying how much they enjoyed looking at all your equipment. We shall look forward to seeing you again next year. [Lawford Primary School]
Lawford Primary School
Thank you for the fantastic presentations. The children (and staff!) learnt so much and it was just what we needed to inspire the children into starting their own projects on the Arctic. [Houghton Primary School]
Houghton Primary School
Thank you for providing such an engaging and interesting talk on the Arctic. The children really enjoyed it! [Cooks Spinney Primary School]
Cooks Spinney Primary School
We really enjoyed your session. You had a great manner with the children, so they all remained engaged and got lots out of the session. We will definitely think of you for our newer topics in the future! [Milton Primary School]
Milton Primary School
Thank you very much for coming to Kendall. The children really enjoyed the workshops. It has given them a lot of knowledge already for the start of the topic and has already been useful to refer back to as we further build on the topic. [Kendall Primary School]
Kendall Primary School
Thanks for a brilliant day. We all really enjoyed it – children and adults. It was pitched just right for children’s ability level. [Elm Primary School]
Elm Primary School
Thank you for today and your expertise and enthusiasm was enjoyed by the children. [Foulsham Primary School]
Foulsham Primary School
A great day – positive feedback from staff and children. We will definitely be having you back again. [Thompson Primary School]
Thompson Primary School
Thank you for a fabulous session on Tuesday. All the children really enjoyed it. On Wednesday they finished off finding all the flags and were able to remember the items that you would take with you. They want to do more map work and are busy finding out more about the animals you told them about. [Lingwood Primary School]
Lingwood Primary School
As last time, we loved your session! The children were so engaged and worked so well together as a team. The photos of the Galapagos islands were fab and they absolutely loved them. It was so interesting to challenge the children in a different way with the map skills, and great to see how much progress some of them made in only an hour! Thanks for an engaging and worthwhile session. I’m sure we will be in contact next year! [Fulbourn Primary School]
Fulbourn Primary School
We loved having you, the children really enjoyed themselves. We will definitely keep you on record to use again. [Knockhall Primary School]
Knockhall Primary School
I just wanted to say that the children absolutely loved the session. They were all engaged the whole time and loved using the maps to find the letters on the field. The session has given me ideas for my own teaching too. [Whatfield Primary School]
Whatfield Primary School
I just wanted to say thank you very much for today. I’ve had great feedback from the teachers and the children really enjoyed it. [Heald Place Primary School]
Heald Place Primary School
Thank you, we had a wonderful morning! [St Joseph’s Primary School]
St Joseph's Primary School
Thanks for providing a great day at Spring Grove. We have come away with ideas about how to take the learning forward. [Spring Grove Primary School]
Spring Grove Primary School

Thank you for a wonderful day. The children and staff all thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for all your hard work today. [St Michael’s Primary School]

St Michael's Primary School, Your Content Goes Here
Thank you so much for your visit to our school yesterday. The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and hearing about your adventures. The feedback from children and staff is all very positive! When rating the things they have enjoyed most about our ‘survival’ topic, you were in the top three! Some children have also expressed an interest in being an explorer in the future, which is great to hear. So thank you very much – it was a perfect ending to a rich learning theme. [Carleton Rode Primary School]
Carleton Rode Primary School

Thanks again for coming in last week. The kids had a great time and the sessions ran smoothly. We will definitely be calling you back for next year. [Field End Junior School]

Field End Junior School, Your Content Goes Here

Thank you very much for Friday… the children loved it especially the map workshop because it was so fun and interactive.
I have already recommended the workshop to my husband for his school! [Templewood Primary School]

Templewood Primary School, Your Content Goes Here
Thanks for an excellent day! Informative and fun. [Rushmere Hall Primary School]
Rushmere Hall Primary School

Thank you for today. They all really enjoyed it and got a lot from it. Seeing and hearing about real life experiences helped to bring it to life. [Albany Junior School]

Albany Junior School, Your Content Goes Here
The whole school thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Your presentation captivated the children and your workshops inspired our Year 3. [Howard Junior School]
Howard Junior School
Really loved it and the children were engaged all the way through. The sheer amount of pictures really kept their attention as most of them had never seen anything like it before. [Somerleyton Primary School]
Somerleyton Primary School

“It was fabulous! The children were all engaged and enjoyed all the activities prepared. It was well planned and Adrian was brilliant with the children. It was an excellent ‘sparkling start’ to the quarter and I would definitely want to book him again!” [Kendall Primary School]

Kendall Primary School, Your Content Goes Here
Foxes thoroughly enjoyed the sessions on Thursday and I was so proud of them for just getting on with it in the rain! On Friday, we were talking about why the Scott expedition ended the way it did and how it might be different nowadays. The children referred to the things you had showed and told them when they were making suggestions, which is brilliant. You really brought it all to life for them. [Brooklands Primary School]
Brooklands Primary School
Many thanks for your visit. The children were really excited to meet a real mountaineer! It makes the topic a lot more real for them, as most have no first hand experience of mountains. [Brookland Junior School]
Brookland Junior School
Thank you very much for the session – the children really enjoyed it! The children were really engaged with the items you were showing them and found these interesting. [Milwards Primary School]
Milwards Primary School
The pupils loved the workshop and the opportunity to start