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Learn to use maps and compasses at your school!

We live in an age where ever-increasing reliance is placed on gadgets to tell us where in the world we are.  Yet the information held in maps, and what this can tell us about the world around us, is as relevent now as ever.

Children love maps! Show them maps of areas that they are familar with or far-flung locations and their imagination and curiosity are fired. Takes maps children and maps outside and the degree to which they engage with them increases enormously.

A “Map Skills” session gives the opportunity to learn key skills through a series of fun activities on your school site.

Topics covered in “Map Skills” sessions include:

– Looking at some Ordnance Survey maps to see what the colours and symbols mean, as well as contours, the grid reference system and the concept of scale;

– Constructing a huge map from ropes on the playground to look at compass directions [KS1] or getting out some compasses and learning how to set a simple bearing and how to find north without a compass [KS2];

– Seeing how we can measure distance by counting paces;

– Using these new-found skills, and a simple specially-drawn map of your school, to complete a mini-orienteering challenge on your school field or playground.

The sessions can be tailored to the current areas of study, prior knowledge and capabilities of any year group. All equipment is supplied.