• Africa Tanzania Active Outdoor Discovery Primary Geography Resources KS1 KS2

Africa is a continent full of surprises, as I have found leading expeditions in North, East, South and West Africa. It’s also a fascinating place for primary school groups to learn about with its great combination of the familiar and unfamiliar. Having led expeditions to Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar, Swaziland and others, I have a great deal of personal experience of this beautiful continent and a wealth of anecdotes and pictures.

Workshops on Africa could include:

–  How people live in Africa and how this differs to life in the UK in some ways but is very similar in others – from tiny remote villages with no electricity or running water to huge bustling cities – what do people eat? what do they wear? what are their homes like? how do they travel around? what’s it like to go to school in Africa?

– How is Africa changing?

–  Astonishing animals,  plants and places;

–  Exploring in Africa – what to take and why;

Workshops are enhanced by my bringing along a large rucksack full of the supplies and equipment that you would take with you on an expedition to Africa.

The content of workshops can be adapted to suit any age group and can be tailored to fit with current or planned areas of study.