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Make a “Map Skills” session even more fun by giving it a pirate theme!

Arrgh, me hearties! Shiver me timbers!

Pirates give a great theme for an introduction to maps. Sessions content includes:

– Look at different sorts of map a pirate would have used.

– Make a giant map of Treasure Island from ropes to look at directions of travel to the buried treasure.

– How a pirate would have used a compass to sail the seven seas (and how could find his way if he had mislaid it)

– See how a pirate would have used counting paces to measure the distance to his ill-gotten gains.

– Mini-orienteering becomes using a treasure map to search for “pieces of eight” hidden around your school site!

Why not make a session the central part of a Pirate Day!

Sessions content can be tailored to be appropriate for any age and all equipment is provided.