• Mountains Active Outdoor Discovery Primary Geography Resources KS1 KS2

Mountains are fascinating places and man’s attempts to get to the top of them has a rich and varied history. I have a wealth of personal experience of mountains all over the world with stories and pictures aplenty. And you don’t need to travel to the ends of the Earth to find great mountains – we have fantastic ones in this country too!

Workshops on this topic could include:

–  How do you climb a mountain?

–  What special clothes and equipment would you need to take with you?

–  What does it feel like to climb a mountain?

–  Why can mountains be dangerous places?

–  Mountain wildlife and the mountain environment;

Workshops are enhanced by my bringing along a large pack of climbing equipment to illustrate what you would take with you to climb mountains.

The content of workshops can be adapted to suit any age group and can be tailored to fit with current or planned areas of study.

Children can try on harnesses and helmets, climb inside an emergency shelter (imagining a bizzard howling outside) and take part in group activites which show how you climb a mountain.