• Arctic Greenland Active Outdoor Discovery Primary Geography Resources KS1 KS2

The coasts of Arctic regions are fascinating and are very different from those surrounding our shores in many ways. I have travelled in the coastal regions of Greenland, Spitsbergen, Arctic Canada and Alaska and have considerable personal experience of these unique environments. Your children will fascinated by my tales of these far-flung shores. Topics which could be covered include:

–  Ice – huge icebergs floating majestically past, the great glacier faces from which they are calved, delicately steering a boat through pack ice;

–  Inuit – how these amazing ingenious people lived in the past and how they live today;

–  Explorers and Adventurers – looking for the elusive Northwest Passage, whalers setting off into the unknown each summer, the fur trappers of the Hudson Bay Company;

–  Animals of the Arctic coast – polar bears and seals, birds which migrate to take advantage of the bonanza of round the clock daylight, narwhal and legends of unicorns, and many, many more

Workshops are enhanced by my bringing along a large pack of expedition kit to illustrate what you would take with you.

The content of workshops can be adapted to suit any age group and can be tailored to fir with current or planned areas of study.