• Volcano Andes Ecuador Active Outdoor Discovery Primary Geography Resources KS1 KS2

Children find volcanoes fascinating and their explosive nature makes for an interesting topic for study. As a graduate geologist who has visited volcanoes around the globe I can give an informative and entertaining view of these fascinating and unpredictable natural phenomena. Workshops on volcanoes could include:

  • why does our planet have volcanoes?
  • parts of a volcano and different sorts of volcanoes;
  • what volcanoes look like, what it feels like to peer into a crater, walking on rocks so hot the soles of your boots melt!;
  • exlposive eruptions, rivers of lava, clouds of ash:
  • why are volcanoes dangerous? lava flows, ash, poisonous gases;
  • useful things about volcanoes;
  • volcanoes in history – Vesuvius and doomed Pompeii, Krakatau and the loudest bang ever heard and many more;
  • volcanoes in space, the mighty Olympus Mons;
  • volcanoes in the UK – Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, the Giants Causeway in Antrim all point to a volcanic past;
  • volcanoes under the sea – that’s where most of them are;
  • volcanic oddities – lucky escapes, Pele’s hair and tears and rocks that float!
  • Iceland – living with volcanoes as neighbours

Children can even vote for their favourite in a “Volcano X-factor” – hear the evidence and decide which is the coolest volcano!