• Arctic Svalbard Greenland Churchill polar bear musk ox lemming narwhal Active Outdoor Discovery Primary Geography Resources KS1 KS2

I have participated in several expeditions to the Arctic regions and have considerable personal experience of this unique environment and a wealth of anecdotes and pictures. Your children will be full of questions about this amazing part of the world. Give them the opportunity to put them to someone who has experienced this amazing environment.

Workshops on this region could include:

–  Animals of the Arctic – the polar bears of Churchill on the shores of the Hudson bay, the Narwhal of Greenland’s frozen east coast, musk ox forming a defensive ring to protect their calves, being bitten by a peeved lemming, Arctic foxes cheekily stealing food from camp, friendly reindeer on Svalbard;

–  The Arctic environment – what it’s like to visit this unique environment, trying to sleep in the bright sunshine of summer’s twenty-four hour daylight, icebergs sailing majestically by, tiny trees a few centimetres high but hundreds of years old, huge glaciers with bottomless crevasses;

– People of the Arctic – the ingenious Inuit and others who call the Arctic their home;

– Travel in the Arctic – mushing a team of sled dogs, whizzing across the sea ice on a snowmobile, seeing the endless ice caps from a helicopter;

Workshops are enhanced by my bringing along a large pack of expedition kit to illustrate what you would take with you – children can try getting into an emergency shelter and imagine a blizzard is howling outside!

The content of workshops can be adapted to suit any age group and can be tailored to fit with current or planned areas of study.