Sometimes known as the “Eighth Continent”,  Madagascar is truly unique! A huge island (the fourth largest on the planet) with a range of diverse habitats – most of its fauna and flora are found nowhere else on Earth. Madagascar may be one of the World’s poorest countries, but its natural wonders and the rich Malagasy cultural heritage make for a fascinating location for your children to engage with.

Visit the bustling capital city of Antananarivo;

Explore the rainforests of the east;

Trek into the high mountains of the islands centre;

Travel to dry spiny forests of the southwest;

Find out how Malagasy people live and take a look at a Madagascan school;

See how environmental problems such as deforestation are affecting Madagascar;

What would you take with you to Madagascar? I’ll bring along rucksack to show you;

And don’t forget about the lemurs!

Workshop content is suitable for any KS1 or KS2 group.